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ProLight-FX front

ProLight-FX back

ProLight-FX High-power LED Strobe and Effects light

The ProLight-FX follows the successful introduction of the ProLight-200 LED flood with an all-new effects lighting unit unlike anything else available on the market.

More than a strobe, the ProLight-FX offers capabilities that a xenon strobe can’t match.

• Flash rates both above and below the capabilities of a conventional xenon flash tube strobe

• ProLight-FX has a continuous duty cycle... it won’t overheat or require periodic shutdowns like a conventional strobe

• Weather-resistant anodized aluminum housing

• ProLight-FX has multiple random effects and patterns to disorient and confuse haunt attendees

• Multiple units may be daisy-chained for large synchronous effects. It can also be synchronized with many professional strobes.


Our Price: $ 289.00 | Item# LA-PROLIGHTFX

750-watt Macho Strobe

Simply put, this strobe is bigger and brighter than anything you could imagine. It would take 30 of our mini strobes or 11 of our Dyno Flashes to equal the light from just one of these monster strobes. If you want to startle and even disorient visitors with your “lightning”, this is the device for you. Add one of our audio systems and you’ll have the neighbors putting up their umbrellas. Pumping out a whopping 750 watts, this strobe light is a must for the serious Halloween fanatic.

List Price: $ 199.95
Our Price: $ 129.00 | Item# EL-E-750

70-watt Dyno Flash

At nearly three times the power of the Mini-Strobe and sporting a much larger reflector, our Dyno Flash is the ideal Halloween strobe. This 70 watt strobe only weighs about 3 pounds, but can light the entire yard. Flash rate can be adjusted from 1 to 15 flashes per second by a speed control knob on the back of the strobe. We recommend this strobe for use with our Haunted House In-A-Box controllers to create a stunning Halloween light show synchronized with music. Dimensions are 10” x 10” x 14”.

Sold out for the season.

List Price: $ 99.95
Our Price: $ 49.95 | Item# EL-E-104

25-watt Mini Strobe

Our Mini-Strobe is an economical, compact and light weight 25 watt strobe light. Flash rate is controlled via a knob on the back of the unit. This strobe is appropriate for use on your porch, in a pumpkin or other prop or any other application where extreme power isn’t required. Dimensions are 6” x 3” x 7”.

List Price: $ 29.95
Our Price: $ 14.95 | Item# EL-E-105

Compact Tower Strobe

Our weather resistant compact tower strobe, measuring just over 2" wide and roughly 3" long, has a multitude of uses for both Halloween and Christmas. This flash fits a standard C9 (E-19) socket. It can be used with commercial stringers - lengths of wire with sockets mounted at equal spacing - or you can make your own cable, thus placing strobes exactly where you need them, with our C9 sockets, male plugs and SPT1 wire.

Examples of use for Halloween would include lighted walkways, behind tombstones in a graveyard scene. especially when used in conjunction with a fogger. Great effects can be created by covering the yard with these strobes in a random pattern or you could line a porch with several. They're great inside real or plastic pumpkins too. Have a few extras? Put them on your porch to entertain the little beggers! Use your imagination. These are low-power strobes designed to add sparkle and draw attention. If you want to disorient your guests or even make them think they're in the middle of a severe thunder storm, try our Dyno Flash or better yet, our Macho Strobe.

For Christmas, you can add sparkle to nearly anything around your home or business. They look great scattered through the lawn, but they also look great on or around your house. One of the best uses is to add unusual effect to your trees. They go especially well with LED trees and our Christmas Kit synchronized light systems. Use your imagination.

Buy them by the dozen and save!

List Price: $ 14.99
Our Price: $ 8.99 | Item# AL-225FTC9